Holy Baptism is one of two sacraments in the Lutheran tradition.  Holy Communion is the other sacrament.  In Baptism, as Martin Luther says, “God forgives sin, delivers from death and the devil, and gives everlasting salvation to all who believe what he has promised.”  Through the waters of Holy Baptism, God claims us as His own child and are thereby welcomed into God’s family.

At Circle of Faith Parish, we typically baptize infants because we believe that God is the one who chooses us, and not the other way around.  Although, anyone who is unbaptized and desires to be part of God’s family is welcome to come to the waters of baptism.

If you would like to be baptized or if you have a child that you would like to have baptized, please complete the Baptism Request Form.  A pastor will be in touch with you to schedule a meeting to discuss with you further on what Baptism means for us.